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Something new again for a while. From Russia, this time more UE. Also a link to random places in 2010. Lately visited also in Chernobyl and Pripyat. Say what you say, but the atmosphere there was one of the most dense ones.


Maybe it's time for an update for a while. New (external) link to Russia.


Added new place, Kerava and link to the Baltic Countries.


Grotesque Gallery's Tour H1N1 has started today. Here's a link to the playlist which collects the whole series together.


Trailer of the Grotesque trip to the Baltic Countries here. The series starts showing on December 6th 2009 and consists of 9 episodes. It's not totally UE, but urban exploration is big part of it.


New photos in Jokela and Lappeenranta.


Some new photos in Joutseno and Rauha.


Added a new place: Machine room.


Added a new place: Islet of Virstasaari.


New town Hyvinkää added with one place.


Added a new place: Mine cave-in of Forby.


Added a new place: Small cotton factory.


Added a new place: Nightclub Cann1bals.


New trip to the Rauha with Maraboy and Strangler.


Added a new place: "Hospital of Rauha"

New town Joutseno added.


Added a new section for underground stuff in Lappeenranta.

Added new places: "Boat", "Log conveyor" and "Cave system of Rutola".


A new place "Tire service" added to Lappeenranta


New towns and places added: Järvenpää, Mäntsälä, Sipoo and Tuusula


New photos added: Finnwad and Vantaankoski




I started to explore abandoned houses in 1992 when my family moved to a small town called Jokela. The town which was originally founded around the former brick factories in 19th century was full of abandoned houses in 1990's.


In late 90's many of the buildings were demolished and my activity of exploring faded.


The spark for the new beginning came suddenly in 2005 when I was walking on the ice of Saimaa in Lappeenranta with my girlfriend and we were looking for the beach. It was dark and we landed on a wrong beach, near the villa of Kekkuri. There were many abandoned houses and the sight was quite impressive in the dark snowy winter night. Unfortunately my only camera was my Nokia 3650.


Two years later I noticed some impressive photos of an abandoned residence. I also happened to read some ghost story about Waverly Hills Sanatorium and through that site I learned the term 'Urban Exploration'.


I read more and more and I also found some Finnish sites like Silent Wall (closed), Spivey Point and of course Q-elements. By reading the stories and viewing the photos I noticed that these places are all around us in every country. In November 2007 I went to the villa of Kekkuri with a newer camera.


In the summer 2008 other projects relating to Kirkidia have taken much time from UE, but also led to many new places. Unfortunately I have had so little time that only a few of them are documented here. In August 2009 we made a filming trip to the Baltic Countries which revealed loads of abandonments. Even though the most of them were completely emptied, there still were some details of the past functions left in the larger complexes.

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